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The judgment of futsal disciplinary committee

ISNA 14/November/2007 The judgment of football disciplinary committee According to the happened events in the competition between Shahid Mansourie Gharchak and Tame Iran Khodro futsal teams, disciplinary committee gave some privations to these two teams. According to the report of Iran student's news agency (isna): 1-Shahid Mansouri Gharchak don't have the right of accomplishing its competitions in its saloon and in Gharchak (the new place of the competitions of this team will become clear in the future) 2-Mahmude Khorakchi, the head coach of Tame Iran Khodro can't participate in the formal competitions of his team and he can't be in the saloon of accomplishing his team's competitions until the new information. 3-Akbare Taghavi, the supervisor of Shahid Mansouri futsal team too can't participate in his team's competitions and can't be in the saloon. 4-Manuchehre Nazari,the referee of this competition can't participate in the competitions as referee because of disciplinary violations. 5-according to this report, Reza Davarzani, the coach of Shahid Mansouri can't participate in his team's formal competitions until the new information too.

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Though a lot of people are still wasting time in celebrating soccer players involved (usually for a short period) in futsal, we're definitely glad (and quite sorry at the same time) to celebrate "His majesty" Manoel Tobias, who has just announced his futsal career end, after the Ulbra's draw against Joinville, which determined the gaucho club exclusion from the Liga Futsal finals.Every futsal pitch, every sport addicted will miss the endless talent of Manoel Tobias, who enchanted us for so many years through his crystalline and high class, as well as with his strong personality.


Actually Mr. Ali Abadi is assistant of the President of the Islamic Republic of the Iran and Minister of the Sport.He is candidate the presidency of the Iranian Federation of Football and intends to make a true work so that the sport can really develop with more intensity in the country.The Mr. Ali Abadi is the indicated name more for this.

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Dear Football Federation of Islamic Republic of Iran
Dear Disciplinary Committee

Respectfully as you are aware the competition between Shahid Mansouri Gharchak and Rahe Sari futsal teams wasn't accomplished in the ninth week of futsal super league competitions. The reason was the final competions of Iranian Olympiad that was going to accomplish on Thursday (6/seotember/2007) in Seied Rasoul Hoseini saloon.
Some points about this subject are noticeable:

1-The competitions of Iranian Olympiad wasn't a unpredictable event and without program and mustn't cause disorders for such important competition. Wasn't it possible to make a clear program and an easy changing in the time of the competition (for example a one day movement for the time of this competition) avoiding these disorders? Wasn't it better to accomplish this competition on Wednesday or Friday? Why is one of the most important competitions of professional league that could be very effective on the result of super league canceled easily?

2-Isn't there the possibility of using other saloons in a city like Sari that has several saloons? The wrestling competitions were accomplished in Shahrdari saloon of Sari city last year. Wasn't there this possibility for using Shahrdari saloon this year again?

3-these events happen when we see very different reactions for similar events. For example, when the competition between Rahe Sari and Shensa Saveh futsal teams wasn't accomplished because Seied Rasoul Hoseini Saloon wasn't suitable and standard and how ever federation had announced disagreement about accomplishing super league competitions in this saloon in written but we saw what was the reaction and final judgment about Shensa team.

4-when Shensa team came back from Portugal, the players were very tired and wasn't ready for super league competitions. We don't forget when Shensa wanted just one day for resting (before the beginning of super league competitions), faced with disagreement. The allowing for one day resting could disorder the order of competitions or such matters?
Futsal committee with such a reaction and changing the time of competitions to an unknown time makes other teams dissatisfied. Doesn't such an event mean to trample the rights of some teams like Shensa and Shohadaye Zoghal Sange Kerman (who are the next opponents of these teams) in such sensitive situations that the competition between the claimants for winning the cup is very near to each other? It's noticeable that because of many yellow cards of Shahid Mansouri Gharchak futsal players and the importance of canceled competition of Rahe Sari and Gharchak the special exponents of this team was worried that they won't be able play with all their power in competition with Shensa. What a logic reason is there for such events?
We want responsible of dear disciplinary committee to study what is said above and we want them to give a correct answer and don't let trampling the rights of other teams.

Cultural athletic Shensa club
Mohammad Mortazavi nezhadManaging Directer

domingo, 26 de agosto de 2007

Television in Futsal

One of the reasons that cause futsal to face with disorders is not to show the futsal competitions in television.

Television can be very effective on improving the futsal talents of country. If there is the possibility of showing the competitions, referees' mistakes will become less and some viewers won't let themselves impede the competitions and we won't see many horrible involvements in the saloons. These problems and nervousness during the competitions are because of these inattentions and there must be more notice to futsal.

If they don't make any problem for ...

The Brazilian head coach of Shensa: we can become the winner easier than last year championship.
"If they don't make any problem for us and we can go our own way we will be able to become the winner easier than before. Savio Sousa, the Brazilian head coach of Shensa futsal team, said: the players of Shensa played with a high self-confidence with Tam and I'm very happy because we could gain a worthy successfulness.
Sousa criticized the judgment of referees in this play and said: incorrect judgment of referees in the first half caused our players to become nervous and our team continue playing in a high degree of stress. Unforetunately in most of the judgments of futsal super league, fairness isn't observed and futsal committee must employ more experienced referees for not to be lost the rights of teams.
He at last said: Felamingo futsal team could defeat us accidently and because of weakness of referees not for our weakness.

Sávio Sousa Head Coach of Shensa

Brazilian Head Coach of Shensa: judgments are weak in super league of futsal.

Savio Sousa, Brazilian head coach of Shensa after Shensa's winning said: "the competition between Shensa and Tam Iran Khodro accomplished in a high level. Both these tow teams wanted to gain 3 scores of this play because of the sensibility of this competition. The players of Shensa played with a high self-confidence and I'm very happy that we could gain a worthy winning. He said: "Tam Iran Khodro is one of the best futsal teams in Iran. Our opponent played very good in the first half time and could score tow goals but Shensa undoubtedly played in the best way and our team was completely successful and we changed the result of the play strongly.
Sousa criticized the judgment of referees of this play and said: weak judgment of referees in the first half time caused our players to become nervous. Fairness isn't unfortunately observed in the most judgments of super league in Iran and Futsal Committee must employ more experienced referees during competitions.
He continued: our players were not matched with each other because of losing several main players in the first weeks and we lost some worthy scores, but our team is ready now and we won't lose any score after this time.